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Park Features

Welcome to the wonderful world of AirHop.

Main Court

A sea of over 135 interconnected trampolines that sprawl across the floor and up the walls. Our main court keeps it simple – no frills, just pure bouncing fun. Defy gravity and take flight in what can only be described as trampoline heaven. All ages and abilities warmly welcome.


Dodgeball is trampoline warfare. It’s high-energy, awesome fun and the balls are soft.

Dodgeball is the ultimate trampoline team game, where two teams bounce around “dodging” balls from the opposing team. If you get hit, you’re out – the last one standing wins! Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, our marshals can help you with the rules. W Dodgeball is so much fun, you won’t realise that you’re also getting a fabulous cardiovascular work-out at the same time. So come on down to AirHop to enjoy a game, have a bounce and take the crown for being the last one standing.

The Bag

The Bag is a giant airbag that acts as a crash mat where you can practise your flips or just fly through the air, safely landing on this enormous inflatable bag. The Bag is an air-filled pillow at the end of a runway trampoline. Jumpers of any age revel in taking a run up along the trampolines followed by an impressive leap, flip, stunt or somersault into the soft, safe and hygienic crash mat that is, The Bag.

Reaction Wall

Have you got what it takes to become the ultimate Dodgeball champion? Our dodgeball courts are made up of a sea of trampolines across the floor and up the walls with foam balls to throw at each other. The rules are simple – hit an opponent with the ball and they’re out. Two teams. Last one standing wins. Game on!

Slam Dunk

Test your slam dunk skills in our dedicated basketball section. Enjoy bouncing down the runways and shooting hoops. The Slam Dunk area features different height rings sitting above runway trampolines, surrounded by padded walls, netting and floor mats. Try the simple approach first – three jumps to build your bounce height, then slam it!

AirHop Café

Our café is the perfect place to take a breather, watch in awe as others defy gravity around you, or relax in an oasis of calm away from trampoline mania. Warm up with a lovely hot beverage or cool down with an ice-cold slush. We also have a selection of hot and cold food, cakes and snacks available.