Jump into happy.

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Put a big smile on a little face.

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Getting fit just got fun.

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*NEW* Weekend After Dark session!

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Inclusive sessions for a happier bounce.

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After 3 pm Mondays - Thursdays term time only.

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A fun-packed classic.

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Premium experience with more pizzas, slush, and party bags

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Go with the glow.

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Put a big smile on a little face.

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Our Park Attractions

Park Features

Welcome to the wonderful world of AirHop.

Main Court

A sea of over 135 interconnected trampolines that sprawl across the floor and up the walls. Our main court keeps it simple – no frills, just pure bouncing fun. Defy gravity and take flight in what can only be described as trampoline heaven. All ages and abilities warmly welcome.


Experience the UK’s first AirSlides – first dropping down the steep slides then being launched off into the air landing on the oversized AirBag you are sure to walk off with a huge smile keen to do it all over again.

Or – feel the rush of a halfpipe on the pink slide that will launch you down then sliding up on each side like a skateboarder – but instead on your front on a mat.

The AirSlides have a maximum weight limit of 120kg/19 stone. and a minimum height requirement of  1.20m.


Practice your football skills on our airtracked football pitch with goals and targets.

Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course is our most popular and exhilarating attraction at AirHop – challenge your friends / family / loved ones to a race through our funhouse of awesome obstacles and see who emerges out the other side first. Ready, steady, go!

AR Trampolines

Take your brain to another dimension with our Augmented Reality Trampolines – where trampoline meets computer game. A brilliant way to focus while you bounce and, if you’re really good, get to the top of our leaderboard. Pop while you hop till you drop!

Ninja Tag Pods

Tag the most pods in your colour to win against your friends!

Reaction Wall / High 9

Test your reaction on our reaction wall and High 9 on the main court tagging all the lit up pods as fast as you can.


Take on your mate in this fast-paced game which is a mix of scoring by landing as many balls as possible in your opponents netted hoop.

Wipeout Zone

If you’re up for a challenge and love Total Wipeout we have just the thing for you! Wipeout has 6 platforms and two spinning arms to conquer. You’ll need to have your wits about you as you take on the lower and upper arms as they speed up. Your mission if you choose to accept it – don’t get knocked over!

The WipeOut has a maximum weight limit of 91kg/14 stone and a minimum height requirement of 1.20m

AirHop Bag with AirHOP Tower

The AirHop Bag is the stuff dreams are made of – master tricks or just enjoy the freedom of jumping through the clouds and landing in a huge airbag.

Dodge Attack

Have you got what it takes to become the ultimate Dodgeball champion?

Our dodgeball court has been upgraded with Dodge Attack targets to score points.

Battle Beams

Contenders, ready. Gladiators, ready. 3…2…1… Time to challenge your friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, even enemies to the duel of a lifetime. Two people. One mission. To take the other one down and reign victorious!

Slam Dunk with Battle Baskets

Always fancied yourself as a slam dunk expert but never had the height or spring to fulfil your dreams? AirHop is here to help. Reaching for the stars has never been easier – fulfil your dunking potential with assistance from one of our very helpful trampolines, Now new with the Battle Basket Challenge! Challenge your mates and see who can score most.

AirHop Café

Our café is the perfect place to take a breather, watch in awe as others defy gravity around you, or relax in an oasis of calm away from trampoline mania. Warm up with a lovely hot beverage or cool down with an ice-cold slush. We also have a selection of hot and cold food, cakes and snacks available.