After 3pm Mondays - Thursdays term time only.

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Jump in to happy.

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The whole family can bounce together (ages 1+).

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Put a big smile on a little face.

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Friday & Saturday discounted 2-hour evening session

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Inclusive sessions for a happier bounce.

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A fun-packed classic.

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Premium experience with more pizzas, slush, and party bags

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Go with the glow.

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Put a big smile on a little face.

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Put a big smile on a little face.

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Make the most of our Sunset Session with this Premium Sunset Party package.

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Build your team the fun way.

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20% discount with valid emergency services ID.

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20% Student Discount on Open Jump

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After 3pm Mondays - Thursdays term time only.

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Park Features

What to expect

Park Features

Welcome to the wonderful world of AirHop – 100% fun guaranteed.

Main Court

A sea of over 100 interconnected trampolines that span right across the floor and up the walls. Our main court keeps it simple – no frills, just bouncing fun. Defy gravity and take flight in what can only be described as trampoline heaven. All ages and abilities warmly welcome.

Soft Play

Introducing Ascent’s state of the art soft play area! Multiple levels of fun for your little ones, including interactive features!

Indoor Caving

Standing at a huge 80 linear metres, the Cave is a fully immersive experience suitable for both Children and Adults. Twist and Climb your way through a sophisticated network of tunnels, each with a very different and very unique experience!

Cave Features 

  • Multiple Chambers 
  • Special Effects 
  • Squeeze Chamber 
  • Fossil Hunting 
  • Ball Pit 
  • Stalactites 

And for our special Caving Parties there is even an exit from the Cave into our specially designed Caving party Room! 

Participants will be provided with a Hardhat to help them navigate the tunnels. 

AirHOP Bag

Our Air Bags are a place where dreams meet reality – master tricks or simply enjoy the freedom of flying and landing in what feels like an airy cloud. Our huge air bags are suspended by a trampoline to offer maximum safety when landing.


Bounce! Dodge! Catch! Bounce! Throw! Score…! 
Are you a dodgeball champ? Bring down a team or join in one of our regular games. 

Line up in two teams and battle it out – last one standing wins. Our dodgeball courts are made up of 28 trampolines, including 12 verts for more…Ascent! With foam balls to throw at each other. The rules are simple – hit an opponent with the ball and they’re out. Game on!

Air Court

Practise your skills on our inflatable, state-of-the-art multisports Air Court!


Want to play Basketball with interactive hoops and a scoreboard to help compete? 

More height, faster turnarounds, epic alley-oops, and jaw-dropping slam dunks. The inflatable basketball court has become a sensation among basketball enthusiasts, offering an innovative and high-flying experience that has captured the hearts of players of all ages. 


Dribble past your opponent like Messi or channel your inner Ronaldo or Bale with a flying bicycle kick! 

Our enclosed Air Court Arena means no having to climb a fence to get your ball back either. 

Or just battle it out with a game of Dodgeball or Volleyball? We’ve got you covered with our new feature!

Slam Dunk


We’re not talking about biscuits in your tea! 

Our dedicated Slam Dunk area will allow you to reach the heights and nail those Slam Dunks! We’ve got two hoops – pro level and super pro level. 

Can you hit the height? 

Climbing Wall

Climb, scale and race your buddies across our Climbing Wall. A soft landing is guaranteed!

The climbing wall forms part of the All-in-One Ticket as well as all our other Open Jump sessions, meaning there’s no additional cost!

Ninja Assault Course

Our Ninja Assault course has ‘Ninja Star’ difficult with some amazing features such as…

Warp Wall

Ascend higher than ever before with a Ninja Warrior style Warp Wall

Web Tower

A huge vertical web tower where you can climb from the very bottom of our new feature straight to the top, not for the faint hearted!

Cargo Net Climb

Army style Cargo Net that’s a huge challenge to jump onto, hold tight and then find the strength to climb!

The Ninja course also includes:

  • Hanging rope bags & Cheese Boards
  • Ninja Hop
  • Inclined Crawl Tube
  • Pipe Slider
  • Parallel Bars

Flip Zone

Bring out your inner gymnast with our dedicated Flip Zone. There are three lanes dedicated to flipping and tumbling, allowing you to brush up on those gymnastics skills!

The Flip Zone forms part of the All-in-One Ticket as well as all our other Open Jump sessions.

AirHop Café

Our café is the perfect place to take a breather, watch in awe as others defy gravity around you, or relax in an oasis of calm away from trampoline mania. Warm up with a lovely hot beverage or cool down with an ice-cold slushie. We also have a selection of hot and cold food, cakes and snacks available.